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Nutrition Packages

What's Included in a Nutrition Package?

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Each package is for 8 weeks and begins with an "Overview" section which is designed to educate you on how best to use the information provided whilst outlining the key principals and philosophy at Evan Regan Nutrition.

The "Key Focus Points" will vary across each package but are based on the 10 most important goals for you to understand regarding your overall goal. 

Each nutrition package comes with a full "Recipe Catalogue" that contains endless examples of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack meals which have been developed by Evan.

The "Performance Nutrition Plates" section is one of the most important in the package and will provide you with a variety of example meal plans based on your specific goal & includes all types of training, rest & recovery days.

The "Colour Coded Meals" section will provide you with even more options that you can include as part of your meal plan. In this section you will have access to endless low, medium and high carbohydrate meal & snack options.

The "Resources" have been designed based on the most commonly asked nutrition and lifestyle questions and include materials such as food lists, portion size guides, protein sources & distribution, nutrition priorities etc.

The "Nutrition Education Videos" have been designed to empower you to increase your nutritional knowledge. These videos are 3-6 minutes in length and cover a variety of different topics with the aim of providing key info.

Ask Evan........ Here you will have anytime access to reach out directly to Evan via question box. This is a private chat and Evan will reply directly to you through email as soon as possible. 

Finally, "A High Performance Lifestyle" area has been developed so that Evan can share a variety of extra resources directly with you. This section will include recommendations for podcasts, books, websites, YouTube videos

Online Nutrition Package Sign Up

Cost = €49.99



STEP 1: Choose your package


STEP 2: Complete the payment.


STEP 3: Evan will contact you directly with access to your nutrition package.


Please provide your email address when completing the payment - This is needed to provide access to your package.

1-2-1 Online Zoom Consultation


Nutrition Package

This package has limited availability so please enquire through the below enquiry form or email Evan on for more information. This consultation and nutrition package is suitable for individuals looking to improve their general health right through to elite sports performance. 

Cost = €99

Sign Up Steps:

  1. Submit an enquiry as outlined below.

  2. Evan will follow up via email to organise a suitable date & time for the online consultation which will take place on Zoom.


Please Note Limited Availability

1-2-1 Enquiry
Enquire Here

Thanks for submitting! Evan will be in contact shortly.

In submitting an enquiry you consent to being contacted in response by Evan Regan Nutrition. 

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