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The Real Health Podcast with Evan Regan

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Nutrition and food has become a crucial component in the GAA in terms of performance and preparation and this week I wanted to find out more and to get some tips and advice from someone who is not only a nutritionist but an inter-county GAA footballer.

Mayo's Evan Regan joined me on this week's Real Health podcast to discuss all things GAA, food and nutrition.

He explains how more and more nutritionists are becoming involved, not only at county, but at club and underage level too.

Significantly, it is the players who are buying into how important nutrition really is.

Evan also has some great tips for everyday use from what do to on your food shop, cooking your own food, writing a food diary, hydration and to supplement or not to supplement.

Underpinning it all is a simple but vital philosophy, "Training or not," Evan says.

"It’s all about better decision-making. What can you do consistently every day that is going to lead to bigger results and reaching your goal?"

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Evan Regan Nutrition, 2019