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This "35 Dinner Recipes" ebook also comes with educational content in relation to topics such as macronutrients (Carbohydrate, Protein & Fat), micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals), hydration information and targets, calorie (Kcals) information and a hierarchy of nutrition to educate you on the importance of good nutrition and where your priorities should be placed.


There are also tips on setting up for success included which aim to help you build some sustainable healthy habits and guide you on how to make some changes.

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This "A Guide to Snacking" ebook contains over 70 snack options, over 25 full recipes, pre-training snacks, post-training snacks, high protein snacks, low calorie (Kcal) snacks, endless snacking combos & variety. 

There is also educational information in relation to snacking, why do we snack? and what exactly is snacking?

Our snacking habits and the foods we regularly consume have a huge impact on a variety of aspects of our life and performance. This eBook aims to improve your nutrition and lifestyle through healthier snacking. 

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This "Breakfast & Brunch" eBook contains 30 recipes so you won't be wondering whats for breakfast or brunch any longer.

This eBook contains so much variety and different options that will keep the early part of the day exciting and add clarity to your meal times.

Options range from your everyday rush out the door breakfast right up to the weekend brunch options.

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